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We’ve all seen what happens when a dog gets bored indoors – you can end up with a chewed-up couch, garbage-strewn throughout the apartment, and your perfectly new leather boots gone missing. The possibilities of what a dog will do to combat boredom are endless.

Here are eight ideas for keeping your canine entertained in small spaces:

1. Set your dog up with some chores! Try teaching your dog how to fetch the paper, clean up its toys, and other nifty human time-saving chores. Chores will keep them mentally stimulated and focused on accomplishments… and the treats and praise that go with those accomplishments.

2. Invest in some food-dispensing toys and make your dog work for their meals. Sure, they might stare at you when they find their food bowl empty, but once they figure out the nifty new toy, it’s game on!

3. Teach your dog some new tricks. Don’t buy into the saying that an old dog can’t learn old tricks! Check out these 52 ideas from Doggie Buddy and choose the tricks that best fit your apartment space.

4. Make use of the stairs. If you have stairs in your apartment, entertain your dog by playing fetch with a soft toy, up and down the stairs. Avoid balls, as they can bounce against walls and disturb your neighbors. Bonus: you might end up burning some extra calories, too!

5. There’s always the old peanut butter trick. Fill a hollow, non-toxic toy with peanut butter and settle in for a few hours!

6. Try these 10 Brain Games to Play with Your Dog by MNN. You might even find yourself getting mentally engaged, as well!

7. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise during the day so they don’t become too bored and restless in the apartment. Consider hiring a dog walker if you work all day or locating the nearest dog park and making it a regular stop. Also, when you go an adventure, bring your little buddy along! Experiencing new sights and smells on a regular basis is sometimes all it takes to keep your dog entertained.

8. Play some animal videos. Dogs do like a good movie, especially if it includes some of their favorite “stars!” Load up some doggie videos on YouTube, and pass the popcorn! The article was originally published on :

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